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The Basics
BBQ phat

Start with your choice of flavoured tortilla shell: tomato, spinach, whole wheat or curry. Then add cilantro-lime rice, seasoned black or pinto beans, cheddar & jack cheese, sour cream & one of four fresh salsas & you have the fixings for 1 Phat Wrap.

  • Mild-pico de gallo
  • Medium-verde
  • Hot-roasted corn & chilpolte
  • Extra hot-kokopelli's habenaro

      * for the devout heat freaks only!

Chicken - grilled & served in a tangy citrus-soy marinade $6.50

Carnitas - shredded pork seasoned & prepared in the southwestern tradition $6.25

Bison - a healthy alternative to beef with all the flavour $8.25

Phat Veggie - with lettuce, tomatos, celery, red onions, cucumbers & shredded carrots $5.75

Greek Wrapsody - an epic wrap with fresh spinach, black olives, red onions, cucumbers, tomatos & feta cheese $6.75

Specialty wraps

Mediterranean - spinach tortilla stuffed with rice, spinach, roasted red peppers, olives, onions & feta cheese, finished with our artichoke salsa w/sundried tomatos in a southwestern balsamic pesto $7.50

Wrap your Noodle - this Thai-influenced creation features curried vermicelli noodles, black beans, bean sprouts & red onions, finished with our spicy peanut sauce - your choice of marinated chicken or tofu $7.25 or baby shrimp $8.25

Hummus Wrap -cilantro-lime rice, marinated chickpeas, roasted red pepper & chilpolte hummus, shredded carrtots, celery, goat cheese & tamarind yoghurt, wrapped up in a curry shell $6.75

Rosemary's Lamb - take our rosemary lamb chili, add rice, tomatos & goat cheese - spice it up if you like - & wrap it in a whole wheat tortilla $7.25

Anasazi Corn - once lost, now found; this southwestern corn medley is all that and a bag of chips - corn tortilla chips that is, wrapped up with rice, beans, lettuce, salsa, cheese & sour cream $6.75

Bbq phat wraps

Our BBQ Phat Wraps are made with the Chef's roasted BBQ sauce, baked fajita onions, cilantro-lime rice & choice of beans, cheese & sour cream, all wrapped up in a tomato tortilla shell with your choice of:

  • Shrimp                  $8.25
  • Carnitas                 $6.75
  • Mushroom              $6.50
  • Chicken                  $7.00
  • Bison & Mushroom  $8.50

Anasazi Corn Chowder - a southwestern blend of spices, veggies & roasted corn, finished with jack cheese & tortilla chips $4.75

Rosemary's Lamb Chili - topped with goat cheese & served in a whole wheat tortilla shell $6.25

Day Soup - always phat & tasty, just ask us about it


Southwestern Greek- mixed greens tossed with olives, red onions, cucumbers, tomatos, shredded carrots & feta cheese in a cilantro-lime vinaigrette $6.75

Pecan and Spinach - candied pecans with red onions & tortilla croutons tossed with spinach in our honey-mustard dressing $7.25

Thai Noodle - curried vermicelli noodles on a bed of mixed greens tossed in an orange-sesame dressing with beansprouts, shredded carrots & cucumbers $7.25


Pecan Custard - candied pecans top this bourbon induced custard $7.00

Strawberry Quesadillas - strawberries marinating in sambuca, triple sec, & freshly cracked pepper and then folded into a soured white chocolate moose, take all that and sandwich it between two chocolate espresso tortillas and you have the makings for a strawberry quesadilla $7.50

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