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D'ego Works - Darryl's Lego Works (formerly Damnlego)
Finally the day that I can put forth some decent photos of that lego addiction that I have courtesy of my friend Corrine. She has been so kind as to take a trial shoot of some of the buildings and came up with some interesting results. I will definitely be asking her to do this again now that we know a few more things and can better set the stage, not to mention that I now have a few more attractions such as the interior of the mountian (where the real madness lurks inside) and a few more buildings stamped by D'ego Works.

 Where the Damned get on the train.
 Station Plaform with the Train to ... Here you can see the chandelier and if you look real closely we have ceiling fans that work.
 The same Station Platform as a night shot, will have to work on the lighting for next time.
 The view from down here, another point of view of the Station Platform with a head on view of the Train to...
 Here we have the mill works with D'ego Mountian in the background.
 The mill works has working lights at all doors and loading docks not to mention a working fireplace in the office, have to make a point of taking some pictures of it.
 Here it is with the lights on and in front of it you can see one of my lighting standards that also allows acts as my electric transmission tower.
 Here we have the back side of the mill works illustrating another one of the themes that bind, the yellow pipes run throughout D'ego Works.
 A full on shot of the Mill Works with D'ego Mountain in the background.
 Three different views of the two mines with the two rail lines going through the mountain.
 One of the many sorting trays I have, Corrine liked the texture and figured it would make a cool picture.
I am hoping to have a full setup of all the models sometime in the near future and am making it open to any photographers that are looking to take some cool atmospheric pictures of an unlikely subject.
In the future I also plan on getting some videos of all the setups with moving parts, of which there is plenty going on inside D'ego Mountain. As well I will start to develop some rolling stock and vehicles that will mostly reflect the 20's and 30's with the D'ego Works twist.
From there as the diorama expands and the D'ego Works theme evolves I will be looking to do a movie in the German expressionist style. So far we have Unravelled Brown Cassete Tape Lying on a Freeway (UBCLF for short) confirmed to do the music and a few people interested in helping to put it together. Anyone else that might be interested in helping out or want to take a try at photographing D'ego Works let me know by contacting me at    .