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     one phat wrap is the name of a concept restaurant that I developed, or should I say borrowed from some good friends down in N'Awlins. The Kokopelli's figurines and head done with the distinct tribal lines of Duane Bartholomew, are tribute to them and their restaurant with the same name. Having seen this idea work so beautifully down south and throughout North America, I figure Winnipeg should hop on this bandwagon already. I know this concept is getting old in some circles, but the fact remains it's hard to get a damn fine burrito. With a name like one phat wrap and all the right lines to go with it, and the simple fact that I am the man to make one phat wrap's menu sing Pretty Hot And Tasty; how could I go wrong.

     The menu was fully developed by me and focused on wraps of course. The overall concept is to provide some of the healthiest and tastiest food around:  a well balanced meal wrapped up in a matter of moments. Combine that with a menu that was half vegetarian and you have a winner in your hands or at the very least I would have a place to frequent often.

     Special mention must be given to my friend Duane Bartholomew who created the Kokopelli figurines and head using his tribal lines.

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