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Web Application Development The following are complete web sites that were designed and developed using various software, web development tools and programming languages. HTML, dHTML, CSS, CSS-P, JavaScript, Flash5, Photoshop 5.5, Illustrator 8, Access, Coldfusion, SQL Server 7, SQL, NT Server, Visual Basic, Perl, PHP, ASP, mySQL are the tools used to build these sites as well as contracts for other companies as a part of their team. Overall emphasis is on development of web applications using coldfusion, SQL, and flash actionscripting.
Now it's all about java, struts and jsp.
Company: University of Winnipeg Library
Emanual is an online tool developed with ColdFusion and Access using the fusebox methodology designed for the staff at the University of Winnipeg that allows them to develop and edit course material. SoEditor designed by SiteObjects is incorporated as an online WYSISYG with everything stored in Access. Emanual itself is the primary course that can be accessed by all with additional courses being created by different departments and accessed with their own access codes.
Company: DeLuca Bros. Foods International Ltd.
Is an online catalog and ordering system for DeLuca Bros. Foods International Ltd. made with Coldfusion and features different user levels and administration areas for maintenance and processing of orders. A dummy Username and Password can be provided upon request to access many of the features available to those with an account.
Deluca Bros. Foodsinternational
Company: De Luca Specialty Foods Ltd.    http://www.deluca.ca/
Deluca's Specialty Foods
This is a simple website used as a testimonial for the different company operations under the De Luca name, including the Specialty Food Store, Fine Wine Store, Restaurant, Catering, Cooking School and wholesale division (Deluca Bros. Foods International Ltd.).
Deluca's Specialty Foods
Company: CitySTARTS
This is the future home of CitySTARTS which is under construction and will feature online database integration using Coldfusion and SQL Server 7. The database will allow artists to create their own portfolios and users to interact with bulletin boards, virtual galleries, and mp3's.